Circular Hammered Texture Silver Platter

  • Serve like a pro with our Circular Hammered Texture Silver Platter, with us at Beliram Silverware where we bring to you the perfect silverware gift articles for every occasion.
  • The artefact comes in a circular shape which is idle to have its utility in pure and fine quality silverware, for you to project your serving etiquettes whilst having guests over, it is also an idle gift to be offered on occasions like Housewarming Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts, Diwali Gifts, New Year Gifts, Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts, etc.
  • Shimmer and Shine are the primary material qualities of the artefact for it project an arduous look and luscious finishing to the platter. To keep it simple on design, the product is crafted in a way to avoid spills and handle the items over the platter with care.
  • The article comes bundled in a box and packed with precision and love, handled with care and delivered on time at your doorsteps with no additional or hidden charges to it.
    To dust the layer of dirt, avoid using coarse fibres that can dampen its polish or leave behind scratches, hence instead indulge in utilising a fine cotton fabric cloth.
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