Scalloped Edges Circular Silver Plate Set

  • Winsome intricacies trundle seamlessly on this floral-themed silver thali collection that incorporates a litany of features that endows it with its characteristic sublime countenance.
  • Etched meticulously with the most precise of adjustments, the floral petals, centered around the silver plate, form a harmonious confluence, rendering it a platter fit for the grandest of meals. Similar adornments are festooned on the beverage and the serving vessels, whose elegantly burnished states shimmer effortlessly with the most scintillating of hues.
  • The unrelenting quest for perfection has granted this stupendous silver thali platter with the pomp befitting kings and other royal entities.
  • Burnished contraptions, conceived with an utmost knack for detail, renders this a literal manifestation of the shimmer reminiscent in paradise itself.
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