Vintage Silver Plate

  • Ornate your home’s aura with our finest Vintage Silver Plate that is not just intricately carved but stands unmatched in design, quality, and shine.
  • Handcrafted by our skilled artisans, we bring in the aesthetics of days of yore blended in contemporary designs in premium silver which is the distinguishing feature of Beliram.
  • Gift it, decorate it or own it as a collective, you are going to have something that will stay with you forever because of the appreciating value and versatile nature of silver. You only get more for the value you are paying.
  • Adorn your center table with it or serve desserts and delicacies in it, its uses are endless. Moreover, we are giving you customization and personalization option to meet your own specific preferences so that you are only happy with our exquisite Silver Plate.
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