Intricate Design Twirl Square Silver Platter

  • Discontinue mediocre gifts for the next gifting occasion with silver base utility gifting articles at an affordable price range, in unique and appealing designs whilst utilising quality silver metal, such as our Intricate Design Twirl Square Silver Platter.
  • Being a textured designer structure, the twirl of the square-shaped silver platter makes it unique in its design as also sections the platter into different blocks for the serving products on the platter to not blend with each other.
  • The platter comes with engraved blossom craft on its edges for uplifting its stature and has been given a shiny and glossy finishing touch for you to preserve.
  • Offer our utility-based Intricate Design Twirl Square Silver Platter to your friends, family members and acquaintances as a perfect gift for occasions like- Housewarming Gifts, Diwali Gifts, Corporate Gifts for their employees or clients, Mother’s Day Gifts, Wedding Anniversary Gifts, Christmas Gifts in pure silverware etc.
  • To dust the layer of dirt, avoid using coarse fibres that can dampen its polish or leave behind scratches, hence instead indulge in utilising a fine cotton fabric cloth.
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