Intricately Designed Silver Gagar

  • Experience a royally luxurious piece of craftsmanship with our complicatedly cut intricately designed silver vase adorned with a point by point and moment carvings of flowers in artistic ways to appeal to its look and strata.
  • The Vase comes in medium to huge dimensional size and is amazing to safeguard and present flower bundles for quiet energy and positive energy in your environmental factors.
  • With its thorough craftsmanship the container has a complete plan and etchings that aren’t simply discoloured safe yet additionally cleaned to give you a raised look.
  • The Vase is an ideal gift when searching for quality, utility, sensibility, immortality and perseverance across the board.
  • The gift is ideal for enjoying lavish events like Diwali Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Housewarming gifts, the endowment of warmth for the Senior/Boss/MD/CEO/CFO/ED as likewise can be gifted on events of Corporate or Business association
  • The item is made out of dazzling quality flatware and can be safeguarded for ages whenever taken due care with a cotton fabric to forestall tidy and keep up with its sparkle.
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