Krishna Govardhan Parvat Leela Nakshi Silver Box

  • The dynamite looks make our Krishna Govardhan Parvat Leela Nakshi Silver Box stands apart as a stunning gift with its outrageously stunning plan, the construction of the box stands tall on four feet which is a speciality of design in itself.
  • The Box isn’t just obviously fitting for its very own utility yet additionally is a rich mark of assembly with carvings of Lord Krishna, coconut trees, leaves and conceptual plans all inspired from Medieval Age design to be the point of convergence of the relative multitude of guest’s appreciation.
  • More appropriately, the momentous circular condition of the silver box saves sufficient room of capacity for the gift to have its very own utility in putting away fine gems, free articles and embellishing pieces.
  • The ageless and creative nature of our gifts are broadly well known to be gifted over on events like-Wedding Gifts, New Year Gifts, Housewarming Gifts, Gifts for Her, Senior Award Gifts in silver or as Diwali silver gift things and so forth.
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