Lion Armed Royal Silver Chair

  • Evidently gorgeous and stunning, our Lion Armed Royal Silver Chair is here to woe you and your acquaintances with its royally lustrous look and stunning architectural designs.
  • Adorned in a snow-white toned upholstered cushion, the silver chair looks stunning in all its aspects and is here to provide you with the right padded comfort on the seat and as back support with the pattern of the cushion that makes it look more beautiful in its appeal.
  • Resting tall on a four-legged silver engraved structure, the chair luxuriously observes two lion figures which are carved to the minutest of their details, latent in their look with folded forelimbs and projects a silver masterpiece.
  • Carved in pure and fine quality silverware, the chair has a unique circular back support over which rests a crowned structural engraving with mirror image lion figures with silver engraved flowery designs.
  • Overall, the long arm-rest of the silver chair also stunning ensures the pictured Lion Armed Silver Chair carries the right amount of striking luxurious image.
  • The artefact is stunning in its looks and makes itself a perfect gift to be offered over on occasions of festivities like Silver Wedding Gift, luxurious 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift, special Birthday Gift, unique house warming gift in pure silverware, etc.
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