Modern Unique Shape Silver Platter

  • Experience exquisite quality silverware for gifting and home décor articles in    utility-based gifting range by indulging in purchasing Modern Unique Shape Silver    Platter.
  • The platter is designed with a unique shape on an elevated platform with a wide space on one end transcending into a closed shape on the other.
  • Having a bowl inbuilt on the platter makes it easy to be utilized for serving drives as dips or to place cookies, glass full of beverages and alike when you have friends or guests over. With it the platter also spots a designed structure of a hollow square-shaped bend to hold the food edibles as a sturdy supportive base.
  • The platter comes bundled in a box to have it preserve from breaking or scratching over transit with lavish packaging, which has an optimal option of customizing the gift article for your special one’s.
  • Modern Unique Shape Silver Platter is perfect to be offered to your friends, relatives, acquaintances or to preserve your  corporal bonds as Diwali Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Silver Return Gift articles, Wedding Anniversary Gifts, Housewarming Gifts, and so on.
  • To preserve the product, we recommend you use a cotton fabric cloth to prevent scratching the surface while cleaning or dusting.
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