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Celebrating the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi?! Do you know Ganeshji is loved and worshipped in 108 different names all of which symbolize him!

Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10-day festival widely celebrated with all the uproar, piousness and enthusiasm in all the nooks and corners of India and why not when he is believed to be known as the God of New Beginnings, The God of Wisdom and Intellect, The Protector of All and the God of Luck & Harmony.

We are into the business of making people smile with a little bit of sweetness indulged in the process of gifting, here’s how we do it …

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  • The Liberty to Think Out of the Box | Because we are the best in the game to incorporate your unique creative ideas in gifts and artefacts of your choice
  • Personalized and Pure Silver Ganesh Idols | From pure silver coins embodied with his imprints to idols, diyas to decorative lamp pieces, fill your home with a prosperous vibe of harmony
  • Affordability is the key | Get what you want and get it at reasonable prices that maintain a perfect balance that is not only pocket friendly to you but honour our artisans work too!

We Recommend Because We Know Because We Care!

Create a traditional heirloom for your family or culture of gifting amongst your relatives, your friends, your colleagues, boss or acquaintances.

The Pure Silver Ganesh Idols and Gifts we offer are right and apt for you to pass on as a traditional loom for your family for years to continue. Your kids and the people you know are gonna learn from you, make sure you teach them the right values by incorporating them in yourself first!

Maintain the Festivity Vibes this Ganesh Chaturthi

Its time for Bappa to come home and for you to ensure he has a nice stay so make it worthwhile with silver plated gifts, pure silver idols, diyas in decorative and intrinsic flame design, flower and elephant designed silver-plated mugs or decorative lamp pieces for your pooja home, all in all, the silver needs to shine and you are the one to ensure it does so throughout the Ganesh Chaturthi.

Silver and Bappa dono ka agman are considered holy pure so held high the piousness this year and out-do the things. After Covid-19’s affected so many lives let Ganesh Chaturthi be a hush-hush affair observing the festivity indoor at your home only with your close ones and people who have been vaccinated.

This Ganesh Chaturthi Gift your Loved Ones and your Parents Bappas Blessings with Pure Silver Ganesh Idols and many more things to choose from

Don’t be a slug these 10 days and be prepared with a twist of celebrations this Ganesh Chaturthi by giving away unique silver gifts from our online store. Let Bappa’s blessings reach every doorstep and be cherished by all.

The situations may have changed but let the bonds not go dull, rather be stronger and healthier than before. Let your friend in the next city know that you care for him/her/them by gifting him personalized gifts from us … Let your parents know that even if you are not home this Ganesh Chaturthi, you are around them by gifting the pure silver gifts … If you are a parent, let your daughter/son/daughter-in-law and son-in-law know that your and Bappa’s blessings are always showered on them with pure silver gifts.

Let the one’s away from home feel at home

Make the ones suffering the loss of a loved one or financial losses know that you care that you are there, that God is looking after them and soon things will get better!

Spread Hope and Positivity this Ganesh Chaturthi

No matter what religion you follow, what deity you worship, let this festivity bring harmony and peace, let every business re-flourish from the start if it has suffered huge losses in recent times, let every family who’s lost a loved one know that the blessings of Almighty are always there, let the festivity be as pure as our silverware and as respected as it should be in all the dimensions.

Silver Ganesh Idols are a must to reign in the celebratory mood

Let’s offer our prayers and worship with the purest of intentions to the Vigna Harta himself, BUT… wait a minute!... Did you forget to seek his blessings in front of his idol? … Or worst! … Does your pooja room not have a Ganesha Idol? … Sigh! … No worries we got you covered! … the search for the right Ganesha Idol of your choice can be sceptical especially when searching online for pure silver idols. But with us, it’s always the right and the smartest choice you will make in finding the right Ganesh Silver Idols online.

Are you someone looking to re-decorate your pooja room? Well then you have landed at the absolutely right place as our pure silver Ganesh Chaturthi gifts will set the right mood and tone for your pooja home.

On a Second Thought! Ever imagined how incessantly tall your pooja room will look with a Shiny Silver Ganesh Idol decorated with all the rose petals, shevanti and hibiscus around the Idol? … we know the images looked spectacular but see it for yourself now by choosing the right sized Ganesha idol, no matter if it fits in your palm or can sit tall on a table, it stands tall and changes the aura of the surroundings when done the idol is brought with good intentions and by kind-hearted people.

Did you just?

Did you just curtail your thoughts on how customization in online and pure silver gifts is even possible?

Well with us nothing is very distant! Why are you capping your uniquely creative ideas when we are ready to understand and incorporate them into the gift articles of your choice for you! Customize your gifting ideas with us, be it on pure silver coins for Ganeshas blessings or with personalized photo frames, unique silver key-chains and pure silver cutlery.

Shop a silver gift article from us and let it be delivered directly to your loved one’s abode for a surprise they weren’t prepared because we don’t compromise on the quality of our products and neither in the way of packaging them for a wonderful unwrapping experience.

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