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Pichkari ki dhar,
Gulal ki bauchar,
Apno ka pyar,
Yahi hota hai HOLI ka tyohar.

Here’s what we recommend as Holi Gift-

It’s the beginning of Holi Season and we want you to celebrate it right by choosing silver gift items for Holi this season. Being in the business of trading and bringing smiles to so many faces for four generations now, we certainly know and can help you pick the right silver gift items for the right Holi gift.

  • Traditionally for families with newborn kids celebrating their first Holi is considered auspicious and when there’s an occasion so positive, fortunate and promising we advise you to indulge in silver coins, silver idols of Gods and Goddesses as a Happy Holi Gift.
  • We know our silver photo frames, silver platters, silver decorative pieces and other gift articles put a huge smile across people’s faces and are dearer as gift articles for many years to come.
  • Ever thought about what differential impact does a simple packaging and an exquisite packaging transude on your loved ones? Not once?!... Well then experience the world of attractive and deluxe packaging of silver Holi Gift for your Wife, Holi Gifts for Family or for anybody you care to express how you feel for them.
  • You always have a chance to choose Quality at Affordable Rates when buying the right Holi Gift Items with us!
  • Longevity and utility are the key factors our products will exude and hence they not only ensure one-time happiness to others but can be used frequently over time!

The Dry Fruits need Silver Bowls and Silver Boxes as Gifts for Holi Festival

Gifts for Holi Festival should certainly not be limited to dry fruits!

Think out of the Box… Or maybe just think about gifting the Box itself! 😉

Gifts for Holi Festival is not only about Dry Fruits, Mithai, Rang and Thandai. You can certainly leave an impression of a luxurious experience on your friends, your family, your very dear neighbours, your boss, your colleagues and your acquaintances by choosing the right silver bowls and silver boxes.

Those dry fruits need to be stored somewhere, those farali, mithai and other Holi essentials need to be rested in some bowls and if you have guests coming over at your place then why not decorate and present to them the lovely homecoming get to together with the hospitality of presenting the same in silverware?!

One impression is all it takes to make and break the deal and so let this be an opportunity for you to shine with the shining silver bowls and silver boxes resting on the serving tables. Not only that but also, they make for an ideal gift for someone close to you, so just in case you are confused about what would be the right gift for them, then consider the cutlery and silver platters to never go out of style and utility

Holi Gift Ideas that will leave you in an AWE!

With the festivity of colour in this Holi Season, it’s time to add a tint of Silver to let it glow like never before!

Its unique importance being a victory of the great over the insidiousness, Holi is praised with much excitement to get inspiration for the existence of individuals. Regardless of whether you need to shock your cherished one, treat a child, or convey a gift to a family member or companions house, there is sufficient decision for presents you can purchase for Holi. Here is a portion of the top Holi Gifting thoughts we have shortlisted for you.

Holi Gift Ideas can be tough to come up with but anymore when we are there to assist!

Gifts for 

Our Holi Gift Ideas 

Reasons why we recommend

If Considering a Holi Gift for Family

Consider gifting them silver decorative pieces such as Silver Flower Vase,

Silver Idols of Gods and Goddesses,

 Nakshi Silver Hatri

The silver items are intrinsic and elegant in design to not just light up their faces but also make their home and business corners stand out

If considering a Holi Gift for Someone Overseas

consider gifting them Boxed Train Silver Centrepieces, 

cutwork bowl as a silver centrepiece, 

Golden or Silver Set of Coins emblemed

So that home away from home you can make them feel your presence but also helps their home stand out to other guests in utility at the same time 

If considering a Holi Gift for your Significant Other 

Consider gifting them silver candle stands in elegant designs, 

silver photo frames in modern and Nakshi silver design,

 Silver jewellery boxes, 

Silver lamps that have designs of intrinsic flowers, elephants or peacocks 

So that they can so have their dressing table and their room set up which will reminisce your feelings for them whenever they look up-to that piece which would not only be a Holi gift item but would also have a utility of its own.

If considering a Holi Gift for your Friend or Neighbour 

Consider gifting them a Silver Champagne Bucket that can be multi-purposed as a Bucket to have soft drinks being served over,

Intricate Nakshi Silver Jugs,

 Silver Jars,

Silver set of glasses in chic designs

Friends always have friends or people coming over and visiting their place so be wise and gift them something timeless.

Happy Holi Gift and Hampers which you need this season

Holi although is significant for certain religions to celebrate heartily, it has over time become more inclusive and welcoming of celebrating the festival of colours across religions and regions. As the celebration draws near, the shops get loaded up with stores of brilliant gulal and pichkaris. Everybody begins purchasing gulal parcels to praise the celebration with euphoria and gaiety. Delicious desserts, for example, motichoor laddu, kaju barfi, kesari peda, and thandai are ready at home.

Like in different celebrations, in Holi also individuals trade gifts to spread delight and bliss. In this manner, in the event that you are thinking to send gifts from India to your loved one’s staying overseas this Holi then we would be glad to help you pick the right gift.

Like each year, we are back with one more scope of the most recent gift hampers that can be impeccably gifted on Holi.

Not only this but also Holi Gift Ideas can be made up by clubbing two gifts and voila you have a hamper ready and customised by yourself- say you gift some dry fruits that usually come in cardboard boxes but also gift them a silver bowl to serve more elegantly

Or maybe Holi Gift Ideas where you club a bottle of wine or Champagne and make it stand out wisely with also gifting them a Silver Bucket to place it over dinner or gatherings. Take it a step further and you can also personalize that bucket but intricating a name or saying of your choice with us.

Think how cool would that be!

Holi Gift items and Silver goes Hand in Hand. Here’s how …

It’s not just a festival of colour but also of religious prayers and ceremonies to worship and reinstate good over evil.

The celebration starts with the Holika puja that is performed one day before the Holi celebration. Along these lines, you can make the occasion more propitious by sending silver coins and silver platter for pooja.

You can select alluring silver blessed symbols. You will profit with sacred symbols of Gods and Goddesses like Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, etc. The presence of these symbols will make a heavenly mood inside your darling's home. You can even wish the best of luck, bliss and flourishing by sending valuable silver coins. These coins accompany the pictures of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati.

Your darling will be enchanted to get these coins as Holi gifts. Since different strict functions are performed on this sacred day, otherworldly frill, for example, silver thalis, centrepieces, diyas, silver platter and so on will be ideal gifts.

Make a Statement by customizing Holi Gift for Wife and for Family in Silver

Tired of discovering “Oh these are the same set of products available everywhere!”

Well time to stop sighing now, we understand that creativity has its own uniqueness and its own touch of personalised belonging hence we offer to you a chance to get the silver gift items customised as per your understanding of the person’s taste and likelihood with whom the gift would rest.

Think how creative you can get by customizing photo frames, silver platters, silver bowls, silver glasses mugs and jars and Holi Gift for your Wife to be left in awe which would not just be ideal Holi Gift Items but Happy Holi Gifts as well.

All in all, Holi is only a couple of days ahead! It is the ideal opportunity for you to finish what Holi Gifts you need to introduce this chance to your family members and warm ones. No matter if it’s customised or not but the Holi Gift should be novel and popular enough to spread the shades of happiness in the range of your relationship with your Wife and your Family.