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Welcome, Lord Krishna into your life by celebrating this Janmashtami with Silver Gift Items for your friends, relatives and loved ones!

Break the Chain of Monotonous Gifts

Bring back exciting gifts this Janmashtami by celebrating the pious festival with your neighbours, you uncles and aunts, your parents, your in-laws, your cousins, colleagues, bosses, acquaintance and all the people that support you throughout the day.

Gifting gets tired, gifting gets boring and gifting doesn’t solve the purpose of utility and love when the gifts you choose to give aren’t given thoughtfully.

Hence, choose the right gifts from the right place to start with us, all you need to do is choose the silver gift item of your choice, place the order in the cart and have a hassle-free experience of being delivered with a Silver Gift item to celebrate the occasion of Janmashtami.

From dry fruits to kite flying traditions of certain families … from fasting to chanting prayers in memory of Krishna Bhagwan who is also celebrated as the 8th avatar of Vishnu ji … and from Day Handi (Matki Fod) celebration to various get to gathers, celebrate the festivity of Janmashtami this time with an added silver gift item to symbolise the pious occasion.

Quality Presides over Quantity

And Silver Gift Items presides over the Regular Gift Articles.

This Janmashtami keeps the following Silver Gifts in mind to celebrate the occasion.

The occasion of Janmashtami is celebrated in memory of Lord Krishna as a Hindu deity that is widely celebrated by Indians.

Gifts have now become an unavoidable piece of celebrations in India. In case you are searching for some extraordinary, appealing and uncommon gift things for the event of Krishna Janmashtami to gift somebody close, we have a couple of suggested presents for you!

The Key Lie’s in Pure Silver Gift Items for Janmashtami-

  •   Pure Silver Coins engraved with Gods and Goddesses emblem
  • Idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Goddesses Parvati, Lord Ganesh and many more with intrinsically cut pieces of idols in pure silver
  • Your Puja Home needs Pure Silver Pooja Thali and Diya to decorate the place of worship on the occasion of Janmashtami

Uncertain on how silver signifies the occasion of Janmashtami? Here’s how …

In contrast to most different religions, Hinduism has no single organizer, no single sacred writing, and no generally concurred set of lessons.

All through its broad history, there have been many key figures, Gods and Goddesses, messengers of theirs, showing various methods of reasoning and composing various blessed books. Consequently, Hinduism is regularly alluded to as a lifestyle or a group of religions instead of a solitary religion.

Despite the fact that Hindus all throughout India worship various Gods and remember the chants of prayers, makes our country and our customs are rich in heritage values. Most Hindus respect an assemblage of writings as holy and sacred text known as the Veda and draw on a typical arrangement of qualities known as Dharma.

Here the festivity of Janmashtami is so celebrated in memory of Lord Krishna as:

  • The Lord of Protection from all the evils. 
  • The Lord of Compassion towards all the people.
  • The Lord of Love for all the human race.
  • The Lord that taught and spread the word of Truth in the world … are a few to name.

Maintain the sacredness of this occasion with pure silver gift items, which are not only unique and trendy but also traditional and sacred in their holy nature.

Engraved Silver Coins: An Ideal Classic Gift Item this Janmashtami

Extend your blessing by gifting them Pure Silver Coins this Janmashtami

Looking at it from a lens of financial perspective, the Silver Coins might perhaps help your loved ones with fostering their present pool of plenitude and get by if there should arise an occurrence of a financial crisis. Silver is a significantly dependable metal that could fill in as enjoying assets for your friends and family the most.

Perceiving how a coin could appreciate in profiting potentially, depends seriously upon the sort of coin you choose to gift, as certain coin types are assessed remarkably rather than others. Subsequently, tweak the symbols or pick the plan of coins with Gods and Goddesses endowments on it for the start of another propitious section of life.

It is also a matter of blessings when things come around the understanding of gifting silver coins to your relatives, parents, friends, in-laws or colleagues this Janmashtami.

Away from home this Janmashtami? Send back a Silver Gift Item to Celebrate

How frequently have you imagined that your companions and family members living in far off nations are usually left out during the happy occasions and that they also shouldn’t be forgotten about on the fun and pleasure in the celebration similarly as you don’t?

Right now, is an ideal opportunity to cause them to feel participative.

Since the festival of Janmashtami is soon to start, ensure you buy unadulterated silver Janmashtami presents for them and post them for their conveyance directly on the schedule of the merriment.

In case you are somebody who is dubious of what might satisfy their taste and stand apart at standard with their luxurious way of life then consider at that point giving them silver cutlery, or unadulterated silver embellishing pieces which can make their home and their office places stand apart to be tall and exquisite in its magnificence.

Consider our luxurious gifts in pure silver and the richness of the quality to take them by surprise by giving an unadulterated silver coin with Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Ganesha, Budhha, Lakshmi or Saraswati’s blessings. No, they will never turn old as the perfect gift articles and would be probably the best giving decisions of silver presents for Janmashtami this year.

Idols of Lord Krishna in pure silver metal to maintain the sacredness of Janmashtami this year

Shri Krishna’s Idols and deities are the most pertinent and prescribed gifts to provide for individuals who’d prefer to pray and worship wholeheartedly. Shri Krishna’s lessons have instructed us about existence and shrewdness through Hindu sacred writings, be it Bhagavad Gita or other holy scriptures.

We thus present to you to discover Lord Krishna’s idols in different shadings and sizes, that will not only fit well in your palm but will also stand tall on a table to shine out. Our idols are made with pure silverware metal, now can be easily accessible on the web in a range of prizes which are affordable at reasonable for you to choose the gifts freely regardless of worrying about the financial expenses they shall occur.

We just don’t stop there… now you can look over the wide scope of choices accessible on our website and for the guidance you can chat with us too to get the right types of Lord Krishna as Bal Gopal Krishna idol in pure silver. As also Krishna with Dahi handi, Radha Krishna and so forth idols are also available in store for you.

Understand the Cultural Significance of Lord Krishna’s Birthday

Going by Holy Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explains the way to salvation through the paths of Karma, Jnana and Bhakti. Not only that but also, Krishna Bhagwan has taught us his ideology of Truth and Trust having superior significance and status.

Alike that, we are artisans and our team also understand the ideology of Shri Krishna and follow his path of trading in pure silver gift items which we brought to you with utmost precision, along with an air of creativity and uniqueness, not forgetting the traditional values our culture has taught us throughout, we bring to you the best pure silver gift items at affordable rates but not compromising on the quality of our products.

In business, we value ethics and encourage you to value your relations and festivity with the gift of pure silver items

As far as Dahi Handi is concerned, it is a significant part of this celebration that is seen on the second day of Janmashtami. As a child, Lord Krishna was named “Makhanchor”. He used to take and consume the block of butter from each family of Gokul.

Dahi Handi is an occasion where a similar butter consuming activity of Lord Krishna is described from an earthen pot or a handi is loaded up with margarine, explained as butter or ghee, dry organic products, and milk which is suspended at impressive tallness with the assistance of ropes. Every one of the neighbourhood’s youthful folks assembles to make a human pyramid and hop on one another to come to the handi and break it. This is a movement that shows collaboration standards.

The act of Dahi Handi is not only a symbolic significance of Ekta and Bal but also a portrayal of Lord Krishna’s mischief as a child

What else do we have in store for you? Take a look

Customization is now just a conversation away with us!

Not only that but now you can also purchase presents dependent on your spending limits. Now customise your silver gift items for Janmashtami with us, be it silver keychains or silver photo frames for your loved ones, from silver mugs to cutlery items to decorative art pieces, all things silver can be personalised to cater for your creativity and for us to serve you what you want. What are you still waiting for? Hog on the website to browse the right silver Janmashtami gift item