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It’s the festivity of harvest, the festival of Pongal!

When the world is battling to fight the ever-increasing environmental disbalance and destruction, honour the Harvesters for their labour for the seed of harvest have finally boomed to be consumed.

Here’s a thing or two for you to know –

Just as Pongal is a festival of gratitude, we also pay acknowledgement and honour to our artisans and employees at work, we wish you do the same and follow the tradition of honouring people at work or in your life.

Pongal is a four-day celebration of the new harvest basically a crop that can be boiled and consumed by us humans, so its time you honour the labour, the sweat, the dedication and time that goes into building this harvest rightly by gifting the right silverware as Pongal Gifts for your friends, your family, the harvesters, your neighbours and your loved ones.

  •  Our Silver Articles are timeless in nature because they resist the tarnish just like you resisting the monotonous day to day routine and lift the mood by choosing gifts and unboxing experiences.
  • We use pure silver in our items which are not only exquisite and luxurious in nature but are also affordable and reasonable in prices because we go by the motto quality over quantity.
  • Ever imagined what significance a personalised gift would have over a generic one? … and to add onto that what significance would a silver personalised gift would have on a generic one over such auspicious festivity? Nah?! Never? … then live up to experiencing the perfect customised gifts so that your creativity can come to life with us.
  • Our Pongal Gifts are not just for people as individuals but also for corporate entities and business groups to leave an impact and build goodwill that goes beyond the brand value and also considers employee benefits.

Understand the festivity of Pongal and the significance of Silver Gifts

The Festival of Pongal is celebrated to encourage, honour and acknowledge the season of harvest as also to worship the Sun and the corresponds of Makar Sankranti.

The four-day long celebration starts off by celebrating Bhogi – where the people purify their houses and end the day by conducting a bonfire as it is believed to overcome the negativity and look forward to new beginnings, then comes the second day which is Surya Pongal – where people chant, worship and pray to the Sun and cook and consume the harvested crops, followed by Mattu Pongal – where the harvesters and celebrators adorn and wash their farm animals to honour their labour in harvesting process and worship their existence, with that the festivity end by observing the last day which is Kanum Pongal also known as Karinaal where Sugarcane and deities of Gods and exchanged to symbolize the sweetness of life and a visit to the canal is paid for the contribution of water to come again next harvest season.

Herein, buying and choosing the right silver Pongal Gifts more than crucial since it is not just a festival but the celebration of the harvesters and all the animals work that has finally paid off by celebrating the festivity by thanking off to all the people, animals and environment involved in the process of harvesting.

Pongal Gift Ideas in Silver

Since Pongal is not just a festival of harvesting but also of expressing gratitude towards the contributing factors of harvest, we wish you do the same and give the festival a rich, luxurious and thoughtful celebration by gifting silver as the ideal Pongal Gifts.

Pongal Gift Ideas can be tedious as routine gifts to come up with, but not when we are around to assist you to choose the right gift article for your dear one’s appreciating their contribution to your life and extending the gift of appreciation and love towards them.

We recommend you choose a silver platter, silver bowls, silver boxes that are luxurious, silver jars in intrinsically cut designs, silver glass pieces, silver cutlery items and other silver gift items to choose from our website. We recommend so because the festival is all about utility and gratitude and we wish you extend the same by engaging yourself into utility based gifting culture but with a twist of pure silver

Consider Silver Idols and Coins as essential Pongal Gifts this season.

Pongal Gift Ideas in Silverware is important and ideally essentially for the fourth day of the celebration process whereby while observing Karinaal the people exchange deities of Lord Indra and expressing gratitude towards Surya- Sun, Vayu- Air and Paani- Water for their contribution towards harvesting.

So, this Pongal be mindful of choosing the right size, shape and designs of idols to celebrate the festival of harvest.

The Silver Idols of Gods and Goddesses would not only light up peoples faces but would also help them worship the deities more religiously and that they would certainly appreciate you for your efforts thereupon.

The idols are not only for them to be exchanged regardless of their shapes and designs but can also be coupled with diyas, silver nakshi hatri, candle stands or diya stands, silver decorative pieces and gift articles to decorate and maintain the purity of their pooja ghar.

Customization is sometimes the key to happy customers when it comes to Pongal Gifts

Pongal Gifts are all about having to express one’s thankfulness and gratefulness and what better way to do it if you have a creative mind full of ideas and amazingly artistic thoughts than to choose customization in the silverware.

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, we are glad to apprise you that you can get your customization to have a touch of personalised Pongal gifts going out for your loved ones in form of keychains, or on the silver mugs of your choice, on photo frames, silver jewellery boxes and whatnot.

We also recommend you to gift and choose silver coins to ring in the festival of auspiciousness by embalming them and customizing them to have imprints of Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesham Lord Indra or you can get the silver coins of your choice from the one’s already available on our website.

Pongal Gifts Online was never more efficient than now.

Searching and browsing for the right Pongal gifts online can be tedious but not with us when you can easily mauver and browse our website to select the perfect silverware Pongal Gifts based on the designs or based on their monetary value.

Our website also has an option for you to opt and have a conversation with our on-website chat window and get your problems resolved or you can opt to put in a query over mail. We are just a phone call away too. And trust us when we say we have been in the business for four generations now, we know the right Pongal Gifts for you.

What are you still waiting for? choose the gift of your choice and be awed by our customer service, the quality of products, its affordability and its utility.