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Want to make new parents smile broader with unique silver baby gifts?

With a royal look and classic style of silver add a bling to your newborn accessories. When you are going to gift a newborn baby you do have to put so much thought before making the final decision. You might be making a long list of options and scrolling through so many platforms to find a perfect gift . But even after searching patiently for long hours you are not getting the ideal results? You are at the right place now we provide you some of the ideal silver baby gift items .

When we look for some unique silver gift items for baby we can focus on some of the points like durability, hygienic, safe for use for a child, long lasting, sustainable and authentic. Finding a gift which offers all the above options wouldn’t be difficult for you as you are now in the right place. We offer items which consist of all of these points. Want to know how? Let’s discuss how our products are ultimately the best item in anyone’s shopping list.

Safe for Children Use

Do you know there is a reason behind why baby first meals are served in silver utensils in Indian households for ages. It is scientifically proven that if you use silver utensils while feeding the newborn then it will help in building the child's metabolism and strengthen his/her immunity. Moreover, silver helps in fighting with various diseases, viruses and inculcates antibodies in the body. Silver is filled with minerals which helps in purifying water and food. These antibacterial and antimicrobial elements in this metal help in replacing harmful adulterants with healthy minerals. Silver has been acknowledged as an ayurvedic solution for a healthy lifestyle and also helps in nurturing brain power in the growing years of a baby. This gives you another reason to gift your a healthy lifestyle with a silver dinner set for baby.

Perfect For Any Custom or Religious Ceremony

A newborn baby brings a wave of happiness with them for every family. We love to celebrate every small moment with a newborn. In hindu tradition there are several rituals and poojas especially customed to be held before and after the birth of a child. One of the rituals which was held before the birth of a child is a baby shower.

Baby showers or as we say in India “Godh Bharai” are usually celebrated in the seventh or ninth month of pregnancy. This is celebrated to announce the soon arrival of a baby to friends, relatives or other near and dear ones. This is mainly a women only ceremony and if you are invited to a godh Bharai ceremony then you are required to bring something amazing for either mom-to-be or new baby. On the occasion of Godh Bharai you might don’t know whether to buy a silver gift for baby girl or go for a silver items for baby boy? In situations like these you can go for gender neutral gifts like unique round silver baby photo frames, silver set for baby like silver baby sets with teddy legs. When you are not sure about the baby gender then you can go for gender neutral gift items so that you don’t miss any opportunity to impress everyone around you in a ceremony and make your gift memorable at the same time.

Then come some of the ceremonies which are held after the birth of a child. In some religions Chhathi is celebrated on the sixth day after child birth. According to indian tradition, it is believed that on the 6th day after the birth of the child, the goddess of destiny enters the house and pen the destiny of the newborn. That is why in some cultures chhathi is celebrated magnificently. After that namkaran (name giving) ceremony and mundan is held which is also seen as an auspicious occasion for a newborn and is an age old custom in our Indian tradition. In tradition like these silver is considered a very auspicious item to be gifted as a gift. That is why you should select an item like a baby dinner set in silver so that the gift can be seen as an ideal item for the occasion and also considered as a good luck charm for a newborn.

There are some special ceremonies held to serve the baby cow milk or baby food for the first time in a specialised baby silver plate, silver bowls with a silver spoon. The baby is only served in silver cutlery on that day because silver is considered a very auspicious item for a newborn in Indian tradition. If you are invited to a ceremony like this then you should look for something which is made of silver specifically.

You can also go for gender specific gifts like silver items for newborn baby boy which includes cute humpty silver dinner sets, alphabet and duck silver baby set and silver gift items for newborn baby girl which can include dolphin plate silver baby set, alphabet border silver baby set. When we look for a silver item we should focus on the quality of the silver which has been offered to us. Not to worry if you are looking for a quality product then you are in the right place for finding that. Beliram offers a premium quality product which is duly hallmarked and has already met all the quality measures of pure silver.

Customization option is available

Beliram offers a customization offer to their customers so that their planned designs meet the reality perfectly. We understand that some new parents have already pre planned what they want for their newborn but if you are unable to find a gift as per your expectation then why don’t you look for something customized as per your plans. You can customize or personalize your silver baby items with perfect planning and the right platform like us.

What do we offer our customers?

Are you finding silver items for baby boy or want something beautiful in silver items for baby girl? We have a category customized for you as per choices. For us the customer satisfaction holds utmost importance that is why we make sure to provide traditional handmade products at pocket friendly prices and deliver them at your doorsteps on time. We don't charge any extra money for delivering your items at your preferred place because we value your time and money. That is how we assure you with unmatch perfect services while you order something for yourself or someone dear to you.

You would find many variations in baby gift items in silver here because we update our platform with new trends and designs and are already offering our customers 1200+ choices in silver products to choose from. In terms of reliability and customer assurance we have 50+ years of experience and have already served more than 10 lakh customers till now. That is why we can assure you that you would get one of the best pure silver dinner set for baby at our platform which will last long and stay as a memory of your child’s happy moments and smiles. Gift your child a gift of purity, health, charm and authenticity with our silver products.