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Choose a right gift for the right occasion

On auspicious occasions like baby showers, weddings, engagements, or other religious or sacred practices demands an unmatched gifting item. Occasion like these requires you to gift something which he/she can cherish forever. Try to avoid a gift that is not long lasting and uniquely designed. Silver and gold coins are known to be the best in the category of long lasting and durable gifting items because they never decay or crumble.

Silver coins - 

                                  also work as a great investment for both the receiver and the giver. For giver because he/she is giving a gift which is beautiful, valuable and also stays with the receiver throughout their life. For the receiver it is valuable because this gift will work as an element which will make them remind all the good memories they have spent with you. As well as these coins can be melted and converted into ornaments or silver bars when required.

Whether you are going to buy silver coins online for yourself or as a gift you should first focus on the type of occasions for which you are looking for a gift and how close the receiver is to you. The best gift are those who stay for a longer period of time with the receiver and are sustainable. Sustainable gifts are beneficial for both the receiver and environment. Giving sustainable gifts on any occasion can be one of your brilliant steps towards giving something valuable to the receiver and environment.

Traditional instances

Giving silver and gold coins on any auspicious occasion has been a tradition in many cultures like in romans a silver coin is placed under the mast or the keel of a ship before their journey as a good luck. The earliest coins punched in ancient India were silver coins marked with several dies and names.

The term rupyakam also means “wrought silver” or in simpler terms coins of silver. Silver and gold coins are always seen as a good luck charm and also preferred to be gifted as a gift mainly in weddings and baby showers in ancient India. These silver coins are also considered auspicious on occasions like diwali and dhanteras. On Dhanteras they are worshipped as silver coins and items are considered a good omen on that day. They are also known as “shagun coins”.

Silver bullion are the incurrent coins which were circulated as currency earlier. But now they are not circulated as currency and became an collectible item. Which makes them an antique piece of art. These silver bullion coins are often seen as a jewellery in parts of Britain and the USA. Silver bullions are also seen as a great investment because they still hold a value in the market. We at Beliram offer a great variety in silver bullion coins such as victoria empress purple hued Oval Silver coin, Golden Victorian Queen oval silver coin, victoria empress oval gold silver coin and many more.

Cultural relatedness

One more ritual we can observe in ancient India which till now some of our grandmothers or elder relatives continues to do is giving a god idol embedded coins at any auspicious occasion. Beliram offers a range of god idols embedded coins for all the sacred and religious practices. These pure silver coins and gold coins are unique and durable. They come with intricately designed god idols fine gold dye.

These silver and gold coins are known to be a good omen in any pooja or sacred practices that is why you can see them in most of the pooja temples or house temples. Mainly they are given as a gift to the parents-to-be, newborn baby, newly weds, marriage anniversaries and first year birthday of a child as a good luck charm. With gifting these custom silver coins you can keep our culture alive by giving a good luck charm to all your loved ones.

We have a range of these type specifically designed silver coins such as laxmi Ganesh silver coin in silver cover, bal krishna golden silver coin, radha krishna oval silver coin and many more available.

Why to choose Beliram for buying silver coins online?

A real struggle begins when you either go out or search on an online platform for a gift. At that time you can see doubled prices of the products , not precisely detailed carvings on the products, not as pure or shiny products as shown on the site or extra delivery charges for delivering at your house. That is a problem we all go through while buying a gift but what if we say we are a one stop shop solution to all these problems? Yes we Beliram gives more importance to the quality and customer satisfaction that is why we only deal in duly hallmarked products.

You can buy silver coins online from our platform because we have unmatched product designs and patterns with quality on point. With serving more than 10 lakh customers till now with an experience in silver products of 50+ years we are undoubtedly best in the market of silver products. Not only this we offer more than 1200 varieties of silver products and updated the designs and patterns as per the trend in the market. You can choose from an exceptional variety of products. At beliram we love to let people connect to their root culture with antique designs and exceptional product variety.

We offer free delivery at your doorsteps on time because we know how special that gift would be for you and how important it is for you to get that on time. If you buy in bulk silver coins we also gives you a customization offer on that situation so that you can give a gift dreams to whoever you want and do not have to settle with less options.