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Timeless collection of silver dinner set

Are you soon going to host any house party or dinner? Dinner night, brunch with friends or random reunions of colleagues are incomplete without beautiful dinner sets. After food the utensils in which the food is going to be served are another important point you should focus on while you are serving anyone special. The timeless collection from Beliram will help you out in this situation. Dinner sets come in a variety of materials, let say marble, glass, steel, bone china, plastic and stainless steel. The important thing we focus on while purchasing a dinner set is eye catchy designs and quality of the product.

Lifetime lasting warranty

When we buy something classy and unique we usually want that material to last long but what if you get your hands on something which will last over lifetime. Silver products are well known for their long lasting properties. Silver dinnerware is something we see as a one time investment. They work as an investment for both the receiver and giver. For giver because they are giving someone special a gift that will stay as a memorable element with the receiver throughout their life. For receivers because this gift can be used for multiple purposes and works as a product has both unique looks and health benefits.

No doubt pure silver dinners set are costlier than other materials but they are costlier because silver is classier, superior quality, long lasting and durable as compared to other material or metals. Silver is well known for its durable, rough and tough nature with unmatch natural shine.

Exciting designs and styles

Our designs are handcrafted by professional and experienced silversmiths. Some of our gems in the category of chandi dinner set are flower motif border silver thali set, royal maharaja dot hammered silver thali set, Queen Anne silver handi with serving dish/tray and many more. Our silver dinner set consists mainly of one large intricate bordered size thali, 2-3 beautiful bowls, shiny silver coaster, one big bowl or handi, occasionally 1-2 stainless silver glasses. Designs at beliram are the perfect combination of traditional carvings and trendy and sophisticated looks. These antique silver dinner set will perfectly compliment your crockery collection and also add a bling in your random family and friends reunion.

You can clearly see the detailing and shine of the product in the pictures at our platform and you will get a product with the same looks shown in the picture. When you serve any food whether it’s special or normal in the pure silver thali dinner set it will add a mind boggling shine and authentic taste to the food. It is a well known fact that silver increases the authenticity of the food and occasion both.

Handi is seen as a natural and sustainable alternative for casseroles. These silver handis will let your food stay warm for a longer period of time without hampering the nutritional value or taste of the food. We have some of the best designs in silver handi and some of those consist of twisted handle silver handi, scalloped silver serving dish, scalloped silver serving dishes with silver tray and many more on the list.

Pooja Special

On occasions like dhanteras, lakshmi pooja, diwali, or other holistic and sacred pooja because in hindu tradition especially in north indian people silver is considered a good luck charm for every individual especially for newborn child. Dhanteras and lakshmi pooja is considered a very auspicious time to buy silver products such as chandi ke bartan set, silver jewellery or cutlery. It is said in hindu tradition these are some days when you can ideally welcome silver products for pooja. If you buy any silver products on these days then the bad energy around you will flourish and bring prosperity to your house or business.

On wedding day too silver is considered as a good luck charm in layman language “shubh”. You can gift the couple gifts like a silver dinnerware set, silver platters, silver photo frames, silver jug sets, silver centerpieces and many more. These items are some of those which are both sustainable and reliable gift options for wedding couples as they can easily use them at their day to day activities. Silver bartan set is something which can be easily used at home and also brings on an eye catching shine to your food even in the normal daily boring food.

Our chandi plate set consists of a big silver plate which can be seen as a multi purpose product. It can be used for serving food and can also be used as a pooja thali. We have silver dinner sets which consist of items which are considered best for serving a number of people and have intricate designs and curves that increase the beauty of the product. Silver plate set if used as a pooja thali then it will bring a new glow to the pooja ingredients and perfectly compliments the pooja room decoration and occasion rituals.

Health Benefits

Homemade food is a healthy option for every individual but if you serve food in silver dishes it would make you healthier want to know how? Silver consists of lots of antibacterial and immunity building components. When any warm food is served in the silver then the silver melts to some extent and gets mixed with food which adds the antibacterial and antifungal properties in the food.

Pure silver dinner plates and utensils consist of antimicrobial properties which enables them to kill 650 types of pathogenic microorganisms like viruses, fungi, harmful bacterias and parasites. This is the reason why our ancestors used silver, copper and gold dinner sets in their day to day lives. The antibodies in the silver helps in building immunity and stabilize the body temperature.

How we offer you one of the best collection of silver dinner sets in the market

Beliram offers an array of designs and product choices in silver bartan set. We have more than 1200 products at our platform so that you and our customers won’t go out of choices. We are excelling in the field of customer satisfaction with serving more than 10 lakh customers and covering a journey of more than 50 years in the field of silver products. We only deal in duly hallmarked silver quality products that also give you assurance of silver quality in the silver dish set.

You don’t have to roam around different platforms for better deals in silver dining plates or utensils. We have covered that category well with excellent craftsmanship, years of experience and best delivery services. Yes we provide the best delivery services and can provide you the product at your place on time without any hassle. We offer our customers best deals in pocket friendly prices so that they get what they want without costing extra for anything and get the quality product too.