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Pure water is best suited for only pure silver jugs

Pure silver jugs are well known for their exceptional long lasting shine and health benefits for ages that is why we offer an array of options in silver jugs with intricate nakashi. Beliram has a variety of silver jug set which includes a silver jug with lid, two three silver glasses with beautiful patterns, and a silver tray with creative borders and curves. We have made a set that will make it an excellent option for serving tea, coffee, drinks, hot chocolate, or alcohol.

Do you know in ancient times jugs were made from mud. Which means people usually preferred pottery jugs more but with the arrival of royalty, people started to make things look royal and classy and that is how silver water jug were introduced. Ancient Greeks and Romans were used to store their wine and oil in silver jugs to preserve them for a longer period of time without hampering their taste or nutritional value.

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Party With Beautifully Crafted Silver Jugs

Are you going to host a house party? Want something extraordinary for friends or family reunions? You can choose a pure silver jug set for occasions like these to make a special impact in front of all the guests and relatives. It takes small steps in beautifying the decor with the right kind and variety of items that is why you can start your decor with a classic and antique silver jug set.

We also offer some of the best-known nakshi carved silver pieces which were embellished with finely chased flowers and leaves decoration on an oxidized silver background. These nakshi designs were ancient art forms which were carried on by some of the professional and skilled craftsmen. When you try to see those designs you will notice the precise detailing and carvings clearly on the product. These antique silver jugs are best to show how well you can combine traditional art with a sense of style.

These silver water jugs can be used for storing alcohol such as wine to preserve them and enhance their taste. These antique silver jugs will add a royal touch to the party that would be enough to mesmerize all the party attendees.

Safe For Home Use

Drinking enough water in a day is one of the best healthy routine solutions and silver is seen as the element which makes the water healthier for drinking purposes. For ages, we use silver for its medicinal properties in medicines because silver contains antibodies in them which enhance the immunity.

Silver milk jug contain antimicrobial properties which help in killing 650 types of pathogenic microorganisms like viruses, fungi, harmful bacterias, and parasites. Silver is scientifically proven as safe for preserving any liquid and it causes zero side effects to the body. When hot water gets in contact with the silver layer of the silver jug with lid then metal melts to a little extent and gets infused in the liquid which adds antimicrobial properties to the liquid. It also helps in increasing the immunity of the human body and also balances the body temperature.

Aesthetic Gifting Choice

You can add bling on any occasion like a wedding ceremony, anniversary, birthday, or Greh Pravesh pooja, baby shower, and many more with an excellent gifting item. These silver sets are multi-use and durable at the same time. They come with a lifetime lasting guarantee with the assurance of a premium quality mark. These silver water jug can also be used as silver milk jug to multiply the healthy bacterias in the milk. You can make various homemade fruit juice, smoothies, buttermilk, or any immunity booster drinks and store in this silver jug to preserve their nutrient content for hours. It is also effective in maintaining the temperature of the liquid stored in it without hampering its taste.

Long-lasting and sustainable gifts are known to be one of the best gifting options. These pure silver jug are said to be one of the best-known memorable gifts. These silver jug sets are beautifully designed with a shiny layer that lasts throughout lifetime. It is seen as an ideal gift option for occasions like weddings, baby showers, pooja, housewarming parties. This could also be a showstopper gift at any important pooja.

What Beliram Offers You?

At Beliram we offer an array of options in antique pure silver jugs sets some of them are flower leaf nakshi silver mug set, silver mug set on a pedestal with floral border tray, unique shape nakshi design silver jug, and many more we update our products with new designs and patterns as per the trend and have over 1200+ silver item options to choose from on our online platform

Beliram has over 50+ years of experience in the market and proved as one of the best brands for any silver products because our quality of silver is the best and duly hallmarked. We focus more on customer satisfaction that is why we have already served more than 10 lakh customers till now. We will provide you budget-friendly products at your doorsteps without costing extra as delivery charges.