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Enjoy our inimitable collection of silver trays

Silver can be a good option for you to buy if you are looking for a gift that for sure has great potential usability and is also a multipurpose product. With focusing on these points you can make your gift memorable and important for the receiver. You should surely focus on some basic points before buying a gift for your loved ones on any special occasion like a wedding. If the receiver of the gift is important for you then you can also make your gift special for them by gifting a beautiful multipurpose silver tray.

As much as we love our chai break we also love to make most of our important decisions at that time with a peaceful mind. When that chai or coffee break is so important for us then why don’t we put efforts in making that time better? We have our personal time and we try to put efforts in making that better with time for relaxation. Whether you are a chai person, book lover, lazy sloth, nerd or a creative person we all have our break time when we love to enjoy every moment with a nice cup of tea and give yourselves a short break from a busy schedule. Silver trays are the ones which have been a part of the chai break of every indian.

To equip your personal time with any one of the silver tray can be one of innovative advancement for all your chai breaks or creative brainstorming time. You can put your tea or coffee in the tray with any of your favourite snacks which also helps you in resolving any of your craving times perfectly. This mantra will help you out in getting better ideas while brainstorming time.

Let Multipurpose Antique Silver Trays One of Your Chosen One

When we say silver trays are multipurpose products then you might think about the question: how?Let's describe to you in brief how you can use silver trays as a multipurpose item. Silver trays are used for varied purposes like decoration, special pooja, serving and many more. These silver trays are very shiny and glossy with unique designs and curves to suit home decor style perfectly whether you are looking for sleek finish or modern curves we have a variety just for you. Let us provide you examples of some of the items which will be perfect for home decor projects like these. You can go for nakshi jali border oval silver tray, scalloped border cutwork silver tray, unique design border silver tray and many more

We will tell you a simple DIY on how to use silver trays for decoration also.Silver serving tray are the ones which are designed to suit the needs related to serving like any item or food. For purposes like these silver tray with handles are the ones which will be the best to suit all your serving needs. Serving usually becomes easy with specialised serving trays because they were equipped with handles so that you can have a better grip. With less chances of dropping the food or drink and reduced load on your hand will make serving job becomes so easy that even your kid can nail it.

Decorating your house with beautiful silver trays can be one of those innovative ideas which can change the picture of your home decor perfectly. If you wanted to work on this idea then you can ideally look for a specialised silver decorative tray. Here is a simple trick you can copy to decorate your hall or room wall. First of all we offer the products which come with an anti tarnish warranty so you don’t need to go for an extra cleaning process before performing this DIY you can start with just cleaning the silver tray with a clean cloth.Round silver trays or oval silver trays are one of the ideal type of silver trays which can be used in this DIY. Starting with making a hole on the wall with 6 finish nails and hang the silver trays around the corner where you want to add a finish touch to your decor and done, your wall is now ready for grabbing all the attention of any person around. This addition will give a signature look to your wall.

Religious or cultural occasions are no exception

Gifting is an important part of every occasion whether its a cultural occasion or a religious ceremony and trays which are intricately designed and multipurpose can be a right match for you while gifting anybody. It is an answer to all your gifting queries like whether it's durable, long lasting, unique, sustainable or pocket friendly. Finding a gift like a silver salver which matches all your requirements can be difficult for you but you can find one of those perfectly mesmerizing items here at Beliram. Some of the gems in this category are silver rectangle tray or wavy rim circular silver tray and many more on the list.

As you know every pooja is incomplete without any silver item presented in any form in the pooja. Pure silver tray can be used as a silver plate in the pooja. These trays will perfectly cover all the pooja parshad serving jobs and hold all the ingredients which are to be used in the pooja. Don’t you love to be the centre of attention in front of all the guests for good reasons? These silver trays will also catch the eye of all the attendees in the pooja

Even if you are not the one who is organizing this pooja or any event but going to attend a religious or sacred event of your loved one then also you can choose a silver serving tray as a gift. Silver is known to be very auspicious for occasions like weddings, baby showers, pooja, housewarming, wedding anniversary, birthday and many more. Some in the category of silver trays for wedding pieces are customized specifically for wedding occasions so that you can have hassle free gifting this wedding season equipped with lots of smiles and hugs for you.

What do we offer you?

At the end this is the question every customer would ask a buyer: what are the benefits you are offering as a leading company in the market? Beliram offers an array of options in every category. With over 1200+ products on our platform and free delivery facilities we have served more than 10 lakh customers till now in our journey of 50+ years in the silver market. We offer products which are duly hallmarked with quality assurance for a lifetime. You will get here silver trays of all shapes and sizes whether it's a silver rectangle tray or circle. That is why you can get your favorable style and buy something which will actually impress you and your needs.

In terms of silver tray price you will get a great deal here with a lifetime warranty and delivery at your doorstep. Our products are intricately designed and carved by skilled craftsmen who love to create a blend of traditional art and modern trends. This is why our products are also seen as perfect material for multiple purposes. This time allow silver trays to be the game changer for you at every occasion.