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Equip your pooja room with something eye catching

Right from the beginning of the day till the night we know God is there to take care of us. They are our hope and that is why we love to show our gratitude towards them through various religious and sacred practices. These sacred practises not only purifies the negative energy of the home but also maintain a calming and peaceful environment. Pooja is one of the ways of getting peace of mind and body.

To complete your religious prayers add a hint of uniqueness to your pooja room with beautiful silver god idols. These silver idols are beautifully crafted with excellent craftsmanship and precise detailing. Silver idols are one of the best material to be used for religious practices as silver denotes productivity and prosperity. You can also easily gift these silver idols to your relatives, friends, loved ones or anyone whom you want to wish good luck for the future.

Why to choose silver idols?

For ages we worship god through their beautifully crafted idols which are either made of silver or gold. These two metals are seen as one of the purest forms of metals and the best material for making god idols. Do you know in ancient times you can find numerous temples or house temples which use silver and gold god idols for worshipping and till now some of the temples still find those murti or idols preserved there after ages.

The main reason why our elders prefer pure silver idols is long lasting guarantee. These silver idols stay as perfectly beautiful after ages as they were earlier. They don't need excess repairment or cleaning. These murtis will stay as an intricate piece of art for you and your children's lifetime. Not only this silver is seen as a sustainable source for both the receiver and environment. That is the another reason why silver idols are seen as one of the best items.

Marble or wooden god idols are seen as an unsuitable material because of their fragile and feeble nature. Ideally a god idol should be made of long lasting and durable material. Marble and ceramic items are brittle and can break anytime that is why they are seen as an unfavorable item for your temple room. That is why people prefer silver idols for gift as they are made of strong metal with unmatched patterns and carvings.

Significance of god idols in every festival

Every pooja is incomplete without Ganesh aarti or pooja. We know this fact from our childhood days. We even remember at least the first two lines of the Ganesh aarti. The antique shiny silver ganpati murti with nakshi carvings is a fine piece of art made to let the receiver get extra happy with your choice of gift . Nakshi carvings are an age-old art of engraving intricate designs and patterns on the item. This Ganesh Chaturthi, try to look for a silver ganpati idol which will work as a one time investment for you rather than going for an item which is outdated and fragile. When ganpati bappa is so important for us then why do you settle for something which is not long lasting and can break easily anytime when it comes to gifting? The one stop solution of this problem is a silver ganesha idol for gift with gifting this to any loved ones you are actually giving them good luck.

Diwali is an occasion which all the people of any religion or caste celebrate diwali we usually equip our pooja room with new laxmi and ganesh idol and decorate them for the pooja. The diwali seems incomplete without exceptional and traditional silver ganesh idol and silver lakshmi murti. Goddess lakshmi symbolises wealth and prosperity that is why we worship her to provide our family with blessings in the form of wealth and prosperity. Diwali also brings an opportunity to give all the people around us a gift of happiness and best wishes for the future. If you want to give your loved ones a gift of prosperity then check out for a silver laxmi idol for the gift in the specialised category at Beliram.

Janmashtmi brings an opportunity to worship our favorite kunj bihari. We all adore their unmatched brilliance and personality which we have heard in our childhood stories. Now you can equip your pooja room with some adorable radha krishna idols. The silver krishna idol comes with a guarantee of long lasting shine guarantee in competitive prices.

Complete your janmashtami special pooja this janmashtami with uniquely designed radha krishna silver murti. The carvings on the idols are so beautiful and precisely done that you can actually observe that easily when you get the product delivered. Some of the items in this special category includes Radha krishna silver murti on jhula, silver radha krishna murti, intricately carved radha krishna silver murti with diya and many more. Beliram offers varied designs and patterns at competitive prices.

How can we forget about durga pooja! Durga maa denotes strength and power which is why we are including maa durga idols in this category specialised for all the durga maa devotees. This durga puja let your pooja temple exert the same strength and power with a beautiful carved silver durga idol. You can even surprise your loved ones by giving them a gift which holds a special symbolism and power. You can choose from number options in this category such as maa durga silver murti on pedestal and many more.

Best gifting optionl

No doubt deciding a gift for any auspicious occasion like a wedding or sacred rituals going to be held soon at any of your close relative or friend's house. What could be a better gift than gifting silver idols for pooja room? God idols hold a powerful symbolism that is why they are seen as one of the best gifts in any auspicious occasion.

Silver idols are seen as the best option if you are looking for a momentous gifting item because they are long lasting and durable in nature. These gifts will stay forever with the receiver. Silver idols will perfectly complement your pooja room with adding much needed bling in your boring pooja room. All your pooja’s will become special with some excellently crafted pure silver god idols for pooja room.

Why to choose Beliram?

When it comes to silver god idols carvings, everyone can’t excel in this art. It takes years of practice, brilliance and talent in the field of carvings. You can see excellent work and precise detailing in Beliram products which made them able to excel in the silver products market

We know how people love to worship their god in different forms and that is why we have an idol especially made as per your choices and needs. As compared to other platforms we offer a wide range in silver idols online at your convenience as going out can be tiring and risky in this pandemic. Beliram helps you out in not maintaining your festive bling at your pooja room as usual with offering 1200+ silver products choices to choose from and updates the product variety at every occasion. In terms of craftsmanship you can trust us because we have an experience of 50+ years in the silver products market and served more than 10 lakh customers till now.

Beliram only deals in only hallmark quality silver products. Which guarantees you the quality of the product as well as works as a long lasting guarantee. With a list of accomplishments Beliram have already proved the market that they are one of the best platforms from where you can buy your ideal silver idol.