Classic Car Design Silver Box

  • Shatter the chain of ordinary monotonous gifts by choosing unique silver gift items with our Classic Car Design Silver Box article. The product is inspired by our vintage utility-based gift collection that you can also rock as a classic centrepiece.
  • The product has a utility to be used to store loose artefacts and articles or can be adorned beautifully on the table, at the work desk, or in the bedroom to oomph the aesthetics.
  • If you someone who believes in uber stylish décor accompanying utility then our product is going to set you in awe with the engravings on the roof of the car, the alloys and wheels of the artefact along with its headlights, door handles and boot space designed very minutely to appeal its advent.     
  • The Classic Car Design Silver box is perfect to be gifted over on occasions and events such as Corporate Gifts, Gifts for Employees, Gift for Friends, Housewarming Gifts, Unique Silver Gift Items for Diwali, Senior Award Gifts etc.
  • To dust the layer of dirt, avoid using coarse fibres that can dampen its polish or leave behind scratches, hence instead indulge in utilising a fine cotton fabric cloth.
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