Flower Carved Nakshi Silver Box

    • Experience the delight of utilizing and appreciating extensively carved silverware with our Flower Carved Nakshi Silver Box crafted and presented to you in a circular shape with utmost focus on durability and Nakshi designs.
    • The Silver Box is extensively cut with precision and focuses on abstract design patterns with a flowery showcase at the top of the artefact.
    • The product comes with an equally elegant latch of its own to help you store substances of your choice, with a wide space compartment focusing equally well on its utility.
    • The product is a wonderful piece of art and craft to be gifted over as silver Corporate Gifts- as Senior Award Gift or Retirement Award Gift, or as Anniversary Gift items, as uniquely crafted gift items for Diwali Gifts, Holi Gifts, Pongal Gifts, etc.
    • To preserve the polish of the product for longer endurance, we advise you to mop it off regularly to prevent a layer of dust and utilize soft fabric cotton material for the same.
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