Vintage Car Silver Centerpiece

  • Indulge in the experience of gifting unique presents on special occasions to break apart from ordinary gifts in general with our Vintage Car Silver Centrepiece
  • The centrepiece is carved out in silverware to give it an enhanced version of looks when placed on the centre of the table.
  • As also, it can be multi-purposed into a box, which comes as the hood of the vintage car from our luxurious vintage collection to help you with its utility as well as its looks.
  • Our product is perfect to be gifted over on occasions like Birthdays, or unique Gifts for Him, Christmas Gifts, unique silver gift items for Weddings, Housewarming Gifts, or on any festive occasions to give their home an uplifting makeover.
  • Since the gift is carved out of embellishing quality silverware, it tends to be timeless if preserved with regular dusting and polishing when needed.