Floral Border Oxidized Silver Pooja Thali Set

  • Illuminate your home and pooja room with Belirams magnificent Floral Border Oxidized Silver Pooja Thali Set to enhance the power of your spiritual practices.
  • Crafted with careful craftsmanship, this exemplary set is meticulously handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Belirams. The intricate detailing with oxidized floral patterns on the edges of this pure silver pooja thali set makes this silverware unmatched.
  • A perfect pooja essential for all your daily and special occasion sacred rituals, enhance the sacredness of your spiritual practices by incorporating this pooja thali in your pooja.
  • The appreciating value of pure silver makes this set a must have in your home decor collection. Silver has a proven record of giving great returns when held for a longer period of time, hence a perfect addition to your portfolio, too!
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