Scalloped Edges Square Hammered Silver Thali set

  • Elegantly donning a nonconformist and bohemian construction, this peculiarly exquisite silver thali offering from Beliram assumes mainstay amongst avant-garde aficionados.
  • Abstract embellishments and protrusions, a pioneering trait espoused by Beliram, run amok in this scintillating thali collection that bears witness to a harmonious fusion of eclectic architectural elements to infuse it with its characteristic shimmer.
  • Be it the silver plate, fashioned into an ostensibly floral conception, the beverage tumbler, conceived with an utmost obeisance to the abstract, or the serving vessels, this bohemian thali collection brandishes an unparalleled zest that thoroughly refines the culinary experience and renders one privy to the abstraction it introduces. 
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