Seamless Finish Triangular Silver Platter

  • With an unstinting approach towards the conception of an intricately-chiseled silver thali collection, the craftsmen at Beliram have conceived a contraption befitting the kings.
  • The elegant shimmer of the pure silver dinner set are only eclipsed by their minimalist, graceful, and effortless elegance.
  • Chiseled with an unrelenting knack for detail, the hammered intricacies emerge rather conspicuously, with it entailing a chimerical visual delight that burnishes the sheen of culinary experiences.
  • Svelte and resplendent, the original silver dinner set constituting this exquisite silver thali collection evoke nothing but awe and admiration, it is their pomp that manifests in an assuming manner, rendering the bespoke nature of the thali collection evident.
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