Silver Baby Set With Teddy Legs

  • At the point when you purchase child presents, ensure that you look for something that stays for eternity!
  • Ensure your gift is interesting in light of the fact that the child will require one of everything like our Silver Baby Set with Teddy Legs, at Beliram Silverware where you end up choosing the right gift article you are looking for the right occasion.
  • After all the gifts should be just about as interesting and unique as the child. These would most likely make most loved collectible for youngsters.
  • Our Silver Baby Set with Teddy Legs is a 5-in-1 utility-based gift article with a theme of teddy bears. The serving plate for meals is one such article that comes in a spherical shape with heightened inward edges to create a hollow effect.
  • With that comes a set of a spoon and a fork with teddy bears engraved at the tip of the articles, cojoined with a glossy finish silver bowl that stands tall on a three-legged silver engraved teddy bear structure and glass to accompany the design of the set.
  • To leave an everlasting impact, the Silver Baby Set with Teddy Legs comes with a glossy shine bundled in a gift box and delivered at your doorsteps without any costs.



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