Modish Flower Design Silver Fruit Bowl

  • Indulge in buying luxurious home décor gifts in pure silverware fine quality grade metals with never-before-seen design plans, just like our Modish Flower Design Silver Fruit Bowl only made available to you at Beliram Silverware.
  • The Modish Flower Design Silver Fruit Bowl is the perfect centrepiece to oomph up your dining and centre tables and hit the guests with loads of appreciation and inquiries.
  • The fruit bowl is sturdy enough and has a spacious hold whilst being rested on an elevated silver stand carved with cupid souls to give it an artistically modernised look. The finishing of the bowl stands entrusted with a luscious silver grade.
  • This utility-based gift is perfectly preferred for occasions such as Diwali Gifts, Luxurious Home Décor Gifts, Gifts for Pongal or Navratri Gifts, Housewarming Silver Gift Items, Silver Gift Items for Wedding Anniversary, etc.
  • To clear off, make an effort not to use coarse fibres or surfaces, similar to paper or horrendous polyester, as these can achieve scratching. Use a sensitive texture of cotton.

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