Regal Silver Sofa

  • A contemporary arrangement is deciding to gift our incredibly arranged Regal Silver Sofa. Gift this to your friends and family on the off chance that you wish to gift something that they would continually need to plan and project before their visitors.
  • Smooth in its blend, the sofa shows up in a- lone unit to have a space worth of seating 3 individuals at the same time on its upholstered pastel pink toned cushioned seats with yellow shade tinted pillows that loosen up as honourable to offer assistance at back.
  • The forward-looking sofa seat legs reflect a characteristic depiction of lady figurines on each side of the sofa with an arched back to give a silhouette image of a royally portray.
  • With that, the lounge chair perceives its own personal novel state which stays at an ideal sofa heigh around the end to flawlessly gel as a particular bend in the middle outlining a crown framed look with sets of peacocks that is perfectly engraved in silver to conveniently characterize the tremendous carvings and engraved plan in unadulterated silverware.
  • Being a stunner in its own look and ease, our Regal Silver Sofa is ensured to give the best of utility with robustness to be worshipped agelessly.
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