Ram Darbar Antique Silver Box On Elephant Trunk Legs

  • Experience the pleasure of using and liking broadly cut silverware with our Ram Darbar Antique Silver Box on Elephant Trunk Legs made and introduced to you in a rectangular shape with a most extreme spotlight on strength and Nakshi plans.
  • The Silver Box is widely cut with accuracy and spotlight on unique plan designs with an extravagant exhibit at the highest point of antiquity. The artefact accompanies a similarly exquisite hook of its own to assist you with putting away substances of your decision, with a wide space compartment zeroing in similarly well on its utility.
  • The item is an awesome piece of craftsmanship and art to be gifted over as silver Corporate Gifts-as Senior Award Gift or Retirement Award Gift, or as Anniversary Gift things, as interestingly created gift things for Diwali Gifts, Holi Gifts, Pongal Gifts, and so forth
  • To protect the clean of the item for more extended perseverance, we encourage you to wipe it off routinely to forestall a layer of residue and use delicate texture cotton material for the equivalent.

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