Silver Tea Set

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Make your tea time delightful with sparkling silver tea and coffee cups

Glorify your guests as you serve them enticing brews in shining silver tea glasses. You can also begin your day with a splendid silver tea set on your tea wagon with complimenting pure silver tea accessories. Tea sets come in different varieties, materials and prices but while we start looking for an ideal tea set we want perfection and that is the element you will find here at Beliram. Tea has always been a favorite of every Indian.

Here’s a fun fact for you -Did you know both tea sets and tea leaves were not originally grown in India before the british invasion they came here from foreign land? Tea leaves came to India when India started to trade with china. With tea leaves we Indians also get introduced to tea sets. Right after the introduction we Indians fell in love with tea right from that point till today. Coffee came from a foreign land through a sufi saint and was first introduced in karnataka in south India. Again from that point we began a journey of coffee culture in India

Now we Indians have a variety of tastes and options to choose from but one thing which is common in these are tea and coffee sets. When you love your tea and coffee so much then why don’t you equip your tea collection or tea wagon with a beautiful silverware tea set?

Silver tea and coffee sets that Beliram offers its customers include beautiful jugs, tea kettles and sugar and milk containers. These silver tea and sets include every essential item you require to make your tea or coffee look classier and elegant.

Make Every Sip Of Your Drink Filled With Charisma

Do you also make the world’s best tea or coffee at home but are unable to find a perfect tea set? Not to worry all the chai and coffee lovers and makers we have a range of tea sets to choose from. Now you can portray your piece of art with our range of antique silver tea set with tray. When it comes to quality products try to not settle for less.

Having tea or coffee at least two times a day is like a normal day-to-day activity for most of us. Even when any guest comes at home to meet us we usually offer a chai or coffee to them as a welcome drink. Whether you are a coffee lover or chai lover we have a range customized for both the categories.

Some of you might wonder why to choose tea sets made out of pure silver? It is a well known fact that Silver contains lots of antibacterial elements which filters the harmful elements from water and add some good bacterias in the liquid. It also makes the liquid taste all the more rich and sumptuous with adding an adequate amount of minerals in the liquid.

Compliment Your Kitchen or Tea Wagon

We Indians know how to add our custom and traditional touch to all our items. That is why at beliram we mix our traditional elements with trendy patterns. These silverware tea and coffee sets have a shine and glow which your tea set collection and interior is missing. You might love to equip your tea set collection with new trendy items but this antique silver tea set would be a star in your collection. These silver tea sets have long lasting shine and exceptional detailing. We also have some of the tea sets with nakshi designs which are difficult to find on other online platforms

Are you going to host a party soon at your house? If yes then make sure to complete that party with a bling of silver which will mesmerizes all the party attendees. For adding that bling you can choose our intricate designed silver tea and coffee set.

These Nakshi carvings are a perfect piece of art because only experienced and skilled craftsmen can portray them perfectly with great detailing. That is why finding items with Nakshi designs is difficult in the market. This solid silver tea set is considered one of the best because silver is considered the ideal material to make tea sets because silver is non breakable and long lasting. Most of the houses are filled with crockery but because they are made of brittle material they either get cracked easily or crumble down early. These instances compel you to go out buying the crockery more frequently in a month. With reference to that you can also see these beautiful silver items as one time investment for you

Exceptional Gift

Are you going to attend a wedding or any other auspicious occasion soon or any of your cousin or bff? Want something so special that your bff gets a beaming smile on your friend's face? What could be better than gifting a beautiful and antique pure silver tea set. With these antique tea sets you can get your much needed gleaming smile on the face of the receiver. You can make their special day, let say wedding, wedding anniversary, birthday, or new house pooja a little more special with these unique silver tea and coffee sets.

What We Offer In Silver Tea Sets

Real silver tea set are those which are hallmarked and meet every quality mark and Beliram assures that to all their customers. When excellent craftsmanship meets the quality then you get the product that we are offering to you. In terms of delivery services we don’t charge extra rupees for delivery services because we always try to make the product budget friendly for our customers.

In silver tea sets we offer a wide variety of products such as dot hammered modern silver tea set, hammered texture modern silver tea set, intricate nakshi antique silver set and many more to choose from. On a daily basis we 1200+ silver products variety and 50+ years of experience. In terms of silver tea set price are set as per the work done on it and the authenticity of the material. We know how important it is for the product to hold it’s authentic and rare elements. When you look for a combination of beauty and long lastivity then this is the item you can look for. These silver coffee and tea sets have all the elements you are looking for in a product. They are durable, sustainable, antique, unbreakable and most importantly extraordinary.

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