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Add royalty to your interior With Silver Furniture

Are you going to decorate your new room or house? Do you want to upgrade your boring furniture this time? If yes, then these beautifully handcrafted silver furniture can be a showstopper. This silver furniture will add a look of royalty, elegance and uniqueness to the furniture whether you use it at your house, restaurant, office or hotel. The silver furniture is made of supreme quality silver by combining traditional carvings and patterns with the help of proficient and skilled craftsmen. Some of our silver furniture items have a signature oxidised appearance and some have glossy finish according to their patterns and carvings which they were portraying. Whether you are looking for a wedding giveaway gift for your dear daughter or charming son-in-law, silver furniture is something which will bring thoses perfect smiles to everyone’s faces.

Is imperial looks something you love to represent every time?

If you love to add a classy but regal look to everything around you then these are the chosen one items for you. Even if you want to try some new styles other than floral or dark interiors and want to go for something out of the box this time then also can definitely look for something in silver furniture. Want to know how silver is better than wood or other metals? Silver is one of the best options for decoration as well as investment.

Silver is known for its rough and tough nature which let them stay for ages in the same condition. The intricate carvings on the furniture can perfectly get along with any home decor with setting up a standard of royal colours and carvings. Why invest in expensive home decor items to make your house look royal when you can do the same with just equipping your house with silver furniture? We have a wide range of three piece sofa sets, dining sets, silver table, armchairs, silver chowki, and silver sofa table. With that being said let's explain to you about some of our gems in silver furniture items.

Sofa set are some of the most important items in everyone’s household because that is the place where we first welcome our guests and in the free time that is the place where we spend most of the time laying or sitting in. If your sofa holds so much importance then you can give a new look to your sofa by exchanging it with a beautiful intricate silver sofa set. Our range of silver sofa sets consists of many types of sofa set from traditional designs to modern glossy finish we have a personalized collection as per your needs. Silver sofa such as 3 piece royal silver sofa set and grand silver sofa are also equipped with a beautiful silver center table to complete the look. Our sofa set has a perfect combination of regal and royal looks. Some of our best ones in the category include majestic intricately carved silver sofa, 3 piece regal silver sofa set, grand lion armed silver sofa, lion armed silver sofa and many more.

Do you want to decorate your rest room for guests? Do you want to add something in your house specifically in silver by which you can relax your body? Then go for a silver armchair because these armchairs have a capability to provide the user of the product benefit to relax perfectly without any hassle. Want to know how? They have special fluffy cushions and pillows on the arm area and sitting area which work on the pinpoints of the user and allow your body to relax. You will feel instantly a wave of relaxation right after you settle down on the armchair. Some of our gems in the category are silver carved arm chair, simplistic royal silver chair, elegantly modern silver chair, intricately crafted grand silver chair and many more.

Your pooja room is looking incomplete without a silver chowki?

We are here to help you out in this. In hindu mythology the silver is considered very auspicious for any religious or sacred pooja or celebration. Silver chowki is used as an object on which all the god idols and pooja kalash is kept in any pooja or sacred ritual. These silver chowki will blend perfectly with your home temple and add much needed shine in your pooja. Some of the gems in this category are flower carved silver chowki, magnificently handcrafted silver chowki, octagonal elephant design silver chowki, antique cushioned silver chowki and many more. So this time complete your pooja with a special silver chowki.

Don’t forget to decorate your dining room

Silver dining table set have always been a game changer in every house decor. We love our food and getting our dining room picture ready can be one of the parts of making food time amazing with anyone. Be it your family, friends, colleagues or life partner. Even if you are having a one time meal sitting with your family then that time already becomes special and special moments deserve special arrangements. That is why you can decorate your dining room with a personalized silver dining room set and provide your dining room a look which will mesmerize everyone.

We have a unique variety in dining sets if you want a combination of wood and silver both in your dining room. Silverwood dining table is a combination of finely crafted wood with a silver plating. This will multiply the authenticity of the material by combining two strong materials in one. Every dining set is incomplete without perfect dining chairs. That is why we bring our magnificently carved dining chairs. These silver chairs have bold borders and carvings which helps them to be in the spotlight in every interior or corner. These silver chairs will add a perfect look to your room so that you don’t even miss the opportunity to put your dining set in focus in front of all the guests or relatives. Some of the best options in silver chairs are magnificent lion carved silver chair, flower carved silver dining chair, intricately crafted silver dining chair and many more.

Anti corrosive properties of silver is a saviour

Other materials like wood and plastic break easily and also come in limited styles and expensive prices. That is why you might have to roam around the market or sites again and again either for repairment or for the new furniture. This procedure can be hectic or time consuming. That is why you should look for something which will work as a one time investment for you. For example, a dining set is something you buy once in a lifetime, then why take a risk by buying something which will cost you extra after intervals of time? That is why you can go for a silver dining set which will work as a one time investment for you. We offer silver furniture which has an anti tarnish lifetime guarantee which will allow you to spend less time cleaning and repairing furniture.Moreover it makes the product long lasting and non corrosive both at the same time.

This is the best platform for shopping silver furniture

If you were wondering where to find the right platform for your ideal silver furniture then now you are in the right place. We offer our customers an array of options in every category. We have more than 1200 silver items to choose from and have worked relentlessly for more than 50 years in the silver market. With experience we have achieved customer satisfaction by gaining 10 lakh customers till now. We have eye catchy products which are hallmarked and have met every quality check and also we provide you the products at your doorsteps with our hassle free delivery services.

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