Cute Humpty Silver Baby Set

  • Soil the little ones with enchanting safe and childproof silverware with our Cute Humpty Silver Baby Set, the design of which is sure to attract the kid and become your child’s favourite time of the day to have their meals in.
  • Cute Humpty Silver Baby Set has five utility-based silverware gifts finished in glossy metallic look to have you secure it as a prized possession.
  • To begin with, the silver plate supports a cute smiling face of Humpty with a silver embellished bow at one end and having bunny ears at the other. The plate stands sophisticatedly tall on a plate stand to have it organized in shelves and kitchen drawers.
  • With that, the Cute Humpty Silver Baby Set also accompanies a silver spoon and fork both studded with a pretty bow structural design at the tip of the cutlery, with a spherical bowl and hollow silver glass studded with a bow as well, structured at the centre.
  • The gift gets positioned in a fascinating gift box that can be customized at delivered at your doorsteps without any hidden charges.

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