Bal Krishna Golden Silver Coin

  • Twirling its distinctly bohemian and antiquated physique, this dainty silver centerpiece contraption from Beliram is inlaid with features of the utmost salience that exemplify its unstinting appeal.
  • Contrived in a manner that evokes nothing but a tinge of effortless elegance, the passage of this belletristic conception entailed voluminous encumbrances, the foremost of which was necessitated owing to the spacious encasement that forms the recess, the one wherein the figurine of Shiva is prominently inlaid.
  • Utterly punctilious in its construction, the appurtenances constituting this silver centerpiece encompass a flurry of thematic elements whose mere invocation is reflective of its regal stature, the likes of which you are acquainted with in fairy tales and other anecdotes of an ethereal nature.

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