Modern Texture Circular Silver Dinner Thali Set

  • Of a very svelte construction, this sleek silver thali collection from Beliram touts an unprecedented degree of shimmer and adroit craftsmanship that embodies the core essence of Beliram.
  • Embellished streaks, which have been conceived with a raging emphasis on enhancing abstraction, trundle down the serving vessels, the bowls, and the beverage tumbler.
  • The streaks are rendered scintillating by the application of a generous lacquer of gold, whose smattering provides the glisten necessary to juxtapose the contrast between silver and gold.
  • Protrusions of solid silver dinner set, a hallmark feature pioneered by Beliram, finds an estimable application in the silver plate, whose effortless elegance is bound to tantalize even the most bland of culinary experiences.

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