Hexagonal Wavy Rim Silver Tea Set

  • Decorous and chic while wielding tempered grace is what describes this svelte tea set from Beliram.
  • Immaculately-conceived, it shimmer with a characteristic glisten, and yet, does not lose its luster in the slightest.
  • Such is its ornate grace that one cannot help but admire the crisp and burnished edges that reek of impeccable craftsmanship.
  • Chiseled edges and definitive dimensions lend it an astounding upmarket texture, and its luster evokes nothing but admiration.
  • Conceived around the silver composite, the various accouterments constituting this delightful tea set have been meticulously chiseled into reality by our adept craftsmen who have taken the pains to foist upon them salience of the most exalted kind.

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