Dot Hammered Silver Thali Set

  • Of a very dainty and gossamer construction, this astoundingly-robust and elegant silver thali collection from Beliram flaunts an elegant bevy of jagged chiseled incisions crafted with a meticulous emphasis on retaining their lustre.
  • The silver dinnerware has been conceived with a relentless emphasis on manifesting spectacularly its distinctly aesthetic incisions.
  • The incisions trundle down the extremities of the silver artifacts, and despite their overweening and redoubtable presence, do nothing but augment the very sinews of the said artifacts, courting them with nothing but encomium and adulation.
  • Consisting of a silver plate, two bowls, an oblong vessel, and a beverage tumbler, this sublime offering encompasses a coterie of features reminiscent of the salience extant on relics of the Renaissance Revival style.
  • The poise and sprightly zest the collection evokes is nonpareil, as is its emphasis on exuding a degree of subtle elegance whose manifestation is as subtle as it gets.
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