Hammered Border Circular Silver Dinner Thali Set

  • Simplicity and minimalism are the keys we target to achieve with our Hammered Border Circular Sterling Silver Dinner Ware at Beliram Silverware.
  • The Thali set is here to allure you with its simplistic yet sophisticated strata of looks and design depicting a lustrous finishing look to have a pristine gel of kitchenware and cutlery to go in your home.
  • Having a utility-oriented outlook, the thali set is perfect to dine from on daily basis or on infrequent occasions when you have guests over while being a good host as your personality is.
  • More importantly, being affordable and easy on your pockets, the Hammered Border Circular Sterling Silver Dinner Ware is beautifully crafted by our skilled artisans from finely graded quality silver metal.
  • Extending to you the benefits of dining from silverware, we make sure the product also stands true to health benefits and properties thereof.
  • Hence, making it a perfect gift to be offered on occasions such as luxurious silver Housewarming Gifts, silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts, Gifts in pure silverware for Mother’s Day, Corporate Gifts, Customer Gifts sets, Baby Shower Gifts in silver etc.

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