Fluted Border Circular Silver Plate Set

  • Fluted adornments bedazzle this glistening silver thali collection, whose sheer construction attests to its effortless elegance. 
  • Conceived with an unrelenting quest for infusing the silver thali collection with an unparalleled radiance, the finishing process has been undertaken punctiliously and painstakingly. 
  • Opulence assumes precedence in this majestic silver thali collection, and the utterly refined and ornate silver plate, bearing inimitable silver fluted adornments, attests to this effect.
  • The beverage tumbler has been chiseled at a similar unyielding pace, and the grandeur it evokes speaks for itself. Its beaming shimmer elicits gasps of awe and admiration, and its rather unorthodox physique bears the potential to woo anyone.
  • The serving vessels have been concocted with an adherence to a similar philosophy, and one of them bears floral motifs to burnish its grandiosity.
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