Lady Figurine Antique Silver Lamp

  • With captivating and one of its kind looks, a structure to behold the sight of your guests, our Lady Figurine Antique Silver Lamp is a one-stop solution for all.
  • The lamp is supported with a base engraved in layers of design and two finely crafted birds, with that the look is elevated further evermore with a ballerina lady figurine finished with an umbrella structure standing over the earthen pots on her head that hold the lamp bulb in an artistic tone of looks.
  • The carvings are a piece of craftsmanship presented to you in pure silverware to be served as a unique silverware gift.
  •  Focusing on its utility, the centrepiece is not only attractive with its design and structure but also hoists the look of the room with its purposed utility of serving light in the room.
  • The large silver table lamps are perfect to be presented on occasion like unique Wedding Gifts for the newly-weds, Gifts for CEO’s/Md’s/CFO’s/ED’s/BOD’s etc., unique silver gift items on special occasions like Birthdays, Gifts for Christmas, Diwali Gifts, Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts etc.
  • To preserve the artefact for timeless possession the product should be cleaned and polished occasionally to not dull away its lustrous shiny layer as well a regular cleaning with a cotton fibre cloth keeps the layer of dust away from our tarnish-free product.  

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