Mesh Design Peacock Silver Lamp

  • When traditional designs are incorporated into modern structures is when the Mesh Design Peacock Silver Lamp is itemized and minutely cut as an antique and fine art of craftsmanship which is all your room could want at any point to lift the atmosphere and the encompassing mindset around you.
  • The silver bedside lamps have a mesh complicatedly designed structure that comes with a conical shaped helm standing on an abstract pottery shape designed structural carving and a minutely carved lamp stand to give a traditionally sophisticated look to raise any room’s glory.
  • The silver light lamp accompanies its very own strong base which is proportionally cut out and is suitable to be lit for a wonderful evening on a utility basis spotting a tiny carved peacock structure at the top of the lamp.
  • The product is wonderful to be gifted over on events like-Wedding Gifts, Unique Gift Items for Wife, Gifts for Him and Her, Gifts for Housewarming and likewise.
  • Additionally, utilize a spotless material or cotton to keep a resting layer of dust away.

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