Perched Peacock Nakshi Antique Silver Vase

  • Turning heads with our Perched Peacock shaped Nakshi Antique Silver Vase is assured for the product is beautifully and minutely handcrafted with abstract and flower designs.
  • To top it off, there is a crafted Peacock design structure that rests on the helm of the vase making it look outrightly gorgeous and exquisite in its looks and nakshi  craftsmanship.
  •  We wish you to discontinue indulging in ordinary gifts and replace the products with silverware gifting articles to give a look of sophistication at the centre table.
  • The Perched Peacock shaped Antique Silver Vase has its own interesting shape giving an earthenware look and is short-sighted yet calm and alluring when placed indoors.
  • Our product is slick and can be used to store blossoms and settles on an excellent decision of gift to satisfy the collector with euphoria.
  • The present is most appropriate for events like Housewarming Gifts, Wedding Gifts in unadulterated silver, silver present things for your Wife, to be gifted as a Retirement grant, for celebrations like Christmas, Diwali, Holi and so on.

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