Intricately Carved Elephant Silver Centerpiece

  • Bestow your loved ones with luck, fortune and prosperity by choosing to gift an Intricately Carved Elephant shaped Silver Centerpiece.
  • The product with minute design and craftsmanship by paying utmost attention to the tusk, the body, the legs, the eyes and the ears of the product to give it an appealingly urbane look.
  • The elephant-shaped silver centrepiece accounts for a perfect wellness nourishment gift with its captivating looks and unique design.
  • Our product is perfect to be gifted over events and occasions like Wedding Gifts, Unique Gift Items for Wife, Gifts for Him and Her, Gifts for Housewarming, Baby Shower Gifts, Gifts on occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, or an addition to the Pooja Ghar.
  • To preserve the artefact for timeless possession the product should be cleaned and polished occasionally to not dull away its lustrous shiny layer as well a regular cleaning with a cotton fibre cloth keeps the layer of dust away from our tarnish-free product .

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