Intricate Border Silver Tray

  • Suffused with a generous smattering of elegance and unfettered exquisiteness, this baroque silver serving tray from Beliram evokes nothing but awes of admiration and intrigue.
  • Such is its gossamer construction that many are swayed by its dainty lattice work; however, a closer inspection reveals nothing but robustness of the most vigorous order permeating through the very sinews of this majestic silver serving tray.
  • Ornate lattice work has been conceived meticulously; the granularity of the etchings are a testament to the finesse pioneered by the craftsmen at Beliram.
  • Almost inconceivable is the rarefied kind of panache and effortless splendor it entails.
  • Constructed guilelessly, the latticework straddles the peripheries with characteristic aplomb, enveloping the composite in a florid fashion.

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