Square Modern Silver Platter

  • Square Modern Silver Platter is one such interestingly plan platter we offer at Beliram Silverware while using quality silver metal.
  • The construction of the silver platter is planned in a wide square formed an arrangement with spin cut designs in the silverware toward the finish of both the side of the platter while having a finished polished completion given to the Modern Design.
  • The Oval spins give the platter a fun yet stylish stylistic layout look while having the platter set at the middle table while having the visitors over to serve food things, confectionary or backing refreshments.
  • We assurance to pass on charming gift boxes with no additional cost for wrapping, transportation or taking consideration charges so you have a paramount encounter.
  • The antiquity is for the most part legitimate to be gifted as Navratri Gift, Housewarming Gift, Diwali Gift, New Year Gift, Birthday Gift, Gift for Mom, Gift for Him, Anniversary Gift, and so forth.
  • For simple taking care of and to finish away with the bundling the gift comes wonderfully enveloped by a container and can likewise be customized however you would prefer.

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