Elephant Legged Silver Urli

  • With elephant structure and calculated carvings, this Elephant Legged Silver Urli is an ideal gift at reasonable rates in astounding quality silver. The Urli is tough at its base and is a delight to be gifted over as it is kept up with carvings and Nakshi work.
  • The Urli has a round shape yet a flowery opening structure when viewed from the top, resting elegantly on two elephants carved in silver at its base also supported with engravings and designs to enhance its appeal.
  • The Urli is an ideal gift that makes the recipient of the gift feels its importance and has its utility to be filled off with shallow water, improved with blooms, candles, diyas, incense sticks and considerably a greater amount of your choice for the silverware is without stain and will not tarnish or coarser whenever taken due care of.
  • The Elephant Legged Silver Urli can be gifted for events like Housewarming Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts, Janmashtami Gifts, Pongal Gifts, fascinating silver gift things for Diwali and on different celebrations and events of your likelihood.

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