Braided Rim Flower Motif Silver Tray

  • Make gifting a delight by giving this Braided Rim Flower Motif Silver Tray to your adored ones and adding to their happiness. This round tray features an up-leveled edge detailed with an intricate repousse flower motif on its rim giving it an antique appearance.
  • Fine-silver quality and hallmarked for authenticity is the specialty of the established and trusted Beliram and our designs are leading-edge and unmatched. Moreover, we customize and personalize the silverware tailored to your specific preferences and choices.
  • Gift this silver tray to your near and dear ones for its time-tested health benefits and anti-bacterial properties making your gifting choice thoughtful and unique.
  • A versatile silverware that you can use to set your table or display as an artefact or as a memorabilia to pass down as an heirloom, you’ll not resist flaunting it out.

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