Hammered Texture Silver Jug Set

  • No one ever complained of too much silver indulgence and with our Hammered Texture Silver Jug Set, be assured of experiencing a conscious feeling of a noble and superior form of luxury by incorporating silverware in daily use products.
  • Manufactured with pure and fine quality silverware, the Hammered Texture Silver Jug Set comes paired with a glass having a textured appease of silverware consciously made to sit well with your other crockery sets and be minimal of design yet leave behind an impression.
  • Both the jug and the paired glass set come at an ideal size and height with its known benefits of consuming water and beverages in silverware. More so, they trail behind and speak of your exquisite personality while you serve your guests, friends, relatives or family members the liquid brews from our jug set.
  • If you are someone who goes minimal on its look but heavy on its impact be it for your guests appreciative of your hospitality or the health benefits that it influences, then our wide range of silver jug sets is perfect to indulge in.
  • Give your home a makeover or indulge in smart and utility-based gifting that centres around daily functionality as a silver gift item that can be offered over on occasions like- Silver Diwali Gift, unique housewarming gifts, Anniversary Gifts in pure silverware, Pongal or Navratri Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts, luxurious Wedding Gift articles etc.

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