Royal Nakshi Silver Jug Set With Intricate Tray

  • Master the art of utility-based gifting at affordable prices and in exquisite design and pure quality silverware, made available to you at Beliram Silverware, where we bring to you our Royal Nakshi Silver Jug Set with Intricate Tray to lure you.
  • The artefact is inspired by our royal take on Nakshi designs and craftsmanship that offer you exquisite patterns and structure in fine and pure quality silverware.· The Royal Nakshi Silver Jug Set with Intricate Tray is coupled with a cylindrical shaped design that has a block of flowery and leafy patterns at the centre of the structure, coupled with three-set of glasses that match the enterprises of the Jug.
  • We just don’t stop short there, as the product set is also coupled with a serving tray that spots the identical ellipsoid structure. The tray has its borders engraved with Nakshi work to give a touch of sophistication at the centre of which rests a mirrored platter.
  • The exquisite quality Royal Nakshi Silver Jug Set with Intricate Tray is perfect to be gifted over to your friends, family members, relatives on occasions like Housewarming Gifts, New Year Gifts, Luxurious and affordable chic quality Wedding Anniversary Gifts, or on festivities as Diwali Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Ganesh Chaturthi Gift, for baby shower etc.

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