Modish Curved Handle Silver Jug Set

  • Stand dazzled with utility-based presents for we give one more important to the gifting society with our very a la mode Modern Hammered Texture Silver Jug Set that is here to snare the recipient of your gifts with its detailed and minutely crafted arrangement.
  • Made out of fine quality silverware metal, the silver jug set goes with a silver holder in medium-size having an ideal height and compartment space close by the two-game plan of silver glasses that are made to gel with the jug’s design and superbly made.
  • Silver jug and glass set are available, but you can tailor other products in the pattern to make pairing with the jug set.
  • Untangle the fineness and richness of 925 sterling silver by getting this piece for your house. 
  • Silver water jug price can vary as per the product or the size you ask for in the jug set.

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