Modern Design Silver Dish On Pedestal

  • With this elegant yet uber-chic look of the dish in sterling silver, give your home a touch of modernity blended in this silver sheen. This gleaming Scalloped Silver Dish On Pedestal is going undoubtedly going to add exuberance to the ambiance of your home and kitchen.
  • Don’t resist your urge from getting your hands on this unique and contemporary dish standing on a pedestal with scallops carved on its rim making it look eccentric and matchless.
  • We have made sure that you get this in pure and authentic silver quality so that you can pass this down as an heirloom and it lasts forever. In addition to that, we customize these dish sets tailored to your own specific requirements as your satisfaction and happiness are what motivate us.
  • Whether you serve delicacies in it or fill them with flowers and set this on your center table or own it as a treasured keepsake, it will leave you spellbound every time.


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