Wavy Rim Silver Serving Dish Set

  • Speckless and shorn, the very conception of this silver dish from Beliram irrevocably gauged and tugged apart the indefatigable tenacity of our craftsmen, for this silver dish invokes grandeur of the most unassuming kind.
  • Constructed to replicate the accouterments strewn in tapestries and depictions of an antiquated yet ostentatious past, this silver dish harbors a coterie of variegated elements of the most unblemished and arcane kind that infuse it with a characteristic tony countenance.
  • Even the most desultory of observation yields nothing but a sprightly veneer of finesse pioneered by Beliram, for it shimmers and glistens effortlessly.
  • Successive edges are smited with relentless vigour, whereas the construction itself assumes a definitive degree of resilience, thanks to the bold edges and the unremitting knack for the conception of a svelte texture upon whom fingers skitter awfully effortlessly.

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